The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

What is CDM?

CDM applies to all building and construction work and includes new build, demolition, refurbishment, extensions, conversions, repair and maintenance.

What does CDM 2015 do?

Complying with CDM 2015 will help ensure that no-one is harmed during construction work, and that you’re building is safe to use and maintain while giving you good value. Effective planning will also help ensure that your work is well managed with fewer unexpected costs and problems

I am a fully qualified consultant Advisor with the Association of Project Safety and can offer a range of services to provide you with the necessary advice and assistance to comply with the CDM regulations. I have experience in the following services on CDM matters and can,

  • Act as Client advisor on CDM matters
  • Am qualified to be Principal designer under the Act
  • Assist Clients with assessing competencies and the appointment of designers and contractors
  • Preparation of the pre-tender information package for contractors
  • Assess implications of project safety
  • Carry out site safety audits during the project
  • Advice on the preparation of the Health and Safety File, management, retention and use